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Introduction to Theology and Science

The History of Theology and Science

Evolution and Creation



Hear from other churches: why does faith and science matter?

Creating a bridge between scientists and congregations has made us all stronger.

It is important as scientists that our faith is based in what we believe to be real.

There are real science and theology issues and discussing these issues in a community is important.

We were able to introduce a safe place, a middle ground to discuss important topics.

As a Christian and a scientist I see no conflict. Science can be a friend to faith.

Christians at our church have a high regard for science and a higher regard for God.

We reach out to our scientists to better understand our past from a biblical perspective.

We came up with new answers to old questions and grew together as a congregation.

As a scientist giving a talk about evolution in a church, I see how far our congregation has come.

We have the how, the why, and the who, and they all point to God.

Science informs so many things and should be part of the conversation in church.

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